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The 4 week beginner program is for anyone who has never been into a gym before or anyone who has never really been shown what to do in a gym. Your goal could be weight loss, general fitness or just to learn the fitness basics to give you the confidence to train on your own.

Weekly food diary reviews can be done if you wish. Body fats and measurements also available. 

We will aim to train 2/3 times a week at whatever level & pace you can manage, your training will include fitness, posture & strength work. Every session will be within your limits, the aim is to learn what you can do & enjoy doing it.

This all adds up to commitment to change.


The 4 week program is 10 One to One Personal training sessions, each approx 1 hour. We aim to complete these sessions within 4 weeks (2/3 sessions a week). If your time table will not allow this, we may take more than 4 weeks to complete all your sessions. 

We try to get all sessions within 4 weeks so you get a real progression & we make a difference.


£250 for the beginner program.

£50 deposit with the remaining amount to be paid in full by the end of the first week.

Call to get started 077 366 488 78.

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