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Endurance racing.

Anyone interested in serious endurance events needs to train wisely. To improve for an endurance event you need to improve your body's ability to use fuel while you exercise (our main fuel being oxygen) without oxygen we cannot function. Without the right levels we cannot compete.

If you find out your true training heart rates you can use them to improve your training. Making sure you train enough without over training.

We currently are getting hit by the media that Watt or power training is the only way to go, this is awesome but sometimes using only power we can easily over train. Your maximum power is recorded over a few tests and is always the same amount even if you're a little run down or just tired, whereas your heart rate alters as your energy does. In a perfect world where we are all athletes and accept no compromise WATTS are king. In the real world where we have times of fatigue Heart rate is KING.

Call me now if you want to begin Heart rate training.

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