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Triathlon Coaching.

I have completed all triathlon distances from a sprint distance to the full Ironman. My best time for an Olympic distance was 2hrs 4mins, my Ironman best was just under 10hrs. I only managed these with a lot of hard work but above all good training. One of the hardest parts of  the training is managing not to over train & keeping injury free. This can be done with real planning & looking into how the training can fit into your lifestyle.

I will work closely with you to fit your training into your life, this will make sure it is constant & effective.

We will need core training and strength work as well as swimming, cycling & running. I know we don't have a pool but we can arrange swim sessions and a swim coach if needed.

Tri training is all about hitting small targets & then fitting them tightly together to become one, we will also work on the transition stage which for beginners is normally over looked. In a sprint distance you could lose minutes in the transitions if they are not drilled. Now imagine how hard it is to knock 2 minutes off your fastest ever  5km run, surely it's easier to learn how to switch shoes after the bike & have the right gear ready, the small things matter.

If you want to TRI harder call me.


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