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Male Body fat% Where do you want to be.

In this modern day & age people are begining to accept being a higher body fat than is truly healthly, obesity is on the rise. We need to believe in ourselves more and take control of our health. We become overweight in nearly every case because we eat too much & move too little. The reasons for this can be very personal & tough to look at & change, but it can change if you value yourself & ask for help

Why accept less than the best out of your body. It's the most expensive thing you will ever own. For men close to 20% is good and possible for everyone.

OK so this is a tough one the truth hurts, am I too fat? (for me, I prefer to look leaner and feel lighter, I move better & feel better at a lower body fat %)

My own body fat is just under 20% I’m currently too fat, due to lack of eating well & a few tummy troubles “NO excuse!!”. We all need to start looking at ourselves and realise we can be better & healthier. I’m not talking about extremes just Good Health.

Anyone brave enough to want to change, call me. 07736648878

For those of you who think losing weight is hard ask yourself this question

“can I put on weight and become fatter easily ?”

Well if you can put on weight easily you can lose it easily with the right methods.

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